racing and reaching

by Pastor Mark Jordan
“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” (Acts 20:24, NIV)

You have a life mission. We all do. It is to tell people about the love of God in Jesus Christ. Because you are unique, the way you go about this mission is, too. God wants you to use the things that make you tick, and tick you off, to give you the focus of your mission…everything from your love of sports to the plight of the orphan awakens your heart and gives you common ground with another to talk about Jesus. 
When Paul wrote what we read today, he knew he was heading into difficulties as a result of his of his mission. He pressed on, though, because he knew that was what was most important. That is important for everyone to know. Obstacles are everywhere, and the more you start working for God, the more God’s enemies will try to slow you down at best, and stop you at worst. Some look at obstacles as evidence they are going in the wrong direction, but when it comes to serving God, it is exactly the opposite. For this reason, Paul knew and shared that the obstacles themselves proved to be the reason to finish the race. 
What race has God laid out for your life? How can your passions and burdens help you connect with another and share God’s love? Are you facing any obstacles? Then you’re probably on the right track. Keep running the race and reaching out in the name of Jesus! 

: Dear Lord, thank you for giving me a race to run in your name. I confess there are times I face obstacles and think I’m going in the wrong direction, when in reality, your enemies are trying to slow me down or stop me altogether. Help me by the power of your Holy Spirit to keep running your race and reaching out to others along the way. I ask this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen. 

Keep running, my friends,

Pastor Mark