think strategically…getting back to the basics

by Pastor Mark Jordan

“People plan their path, but the Lord secures their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9, CEB)

How are things going with your goal setting for the week? Are you concentrating your effort to God? Are you setting attainable goals? Are your goals measurable from a spiritual point of view? These steps for goal setting take us right where we need to be for today, and that is to think strategically about how you will set these goals based on the desires of God’s heart.

Today’s Bible lesson helps us revisit the concepts from this week’s daily waters where we must come to the reality that the goals we set need to get in step with God’s heart. Lining the desires of your heart with God’s heart transforms everything! This calls you to necessarily live by faith as God secures your steps. God will probably take you places you couldn’t have imagined previously, but isn’t that what you want in lining up your desires with the desires of God’s heart?

The strategies for spiritual goal setting get back to the basics…they get back to how you pray, how you participate, how you give, how you serve, and how you share about who God is and what He’s done in your life! Giving God all you have and are is the greatest goal you can set to transform your life, and the strategies to help you get there are the ways God wants to use your life to transform your world!

Prayer: Dear Lord, I give you thanks for today, and beyond that, I give you thanks for creating me a unique and special child of the King. As I give my life to you, help me to get back to the basics and offer you all I am and have so the desires of my heart may transform my goals, committing my entire life to you. I pray this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.