it’s ok to say no [corrected]

today’s daily water is written by Melissa Norris

“Simply let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.'” (Matthew 5:37a)

I am reading a book at work about orchestrating complex organizational change.  I know – doesn’t sound crazy exciting to most of you, but the chapter that I read last week stopped me in my tracks and I am trying to apply it to my faith journey.  It stated that everything is a tradeoff.  When you choose to do some things then other things don’t get done.  The key was first to be crystal clear on your purpose and mission and then align your activities to that purpose.  It is only by saying no to the things that don’t support that mission are you able to fulfill it.

My WOW moment was reading, “Saying yes to a customer that you should have said no to means saying no to a customer you should have said yes to.”  Yikes.  Because I tend to say yes to everything and everybody, it has made me an “as soon as” person — as soon as Jake graduates, then I will start…as soon as I get this big project done, I will…as soon as I am not working so much, I will…. Some of the things God is calling me to do keep getting pushed out. This will not change until I can start saying, no more.

God challenges all of us to determine what is holding us back from fulfilling the amazing purpose that He has for us. It starts by being open to the things that He calls us to do.  We can’t be open if our calendar is full and we are exhausted.

Prayer:  Lord, you call us to do great things for your kingdom.  Please enable us to have the courage to say no at times so that we can say yes to the things that matter.  Let our hearts be open and willing to hear your calling and take action.  Amen.