get to amen

by Pastor Mark

“All of God’s promises have their yes in him. That is why we say Amen through him to the glory of God.” (2 Corinthians 1:20, CEB)

How is your prayer life? If it’s like mine, it ebbs and flows. I know God is always there to hear my celebrations and concerns, but there are times I either rush so quickly through my life, or I get so consumed in other stuff, that my prayer life suffers.

I found myself being called by God to a deeper prayer connection a couple months ago. In those early days, the Lord convicted me as to how frequently I rushed my prayers and went on about my business with God’s business left unfinished. Then, I felt the Lord push me to get to amen.

Getting to amen proved to be transformational for me. Whenever I feel like rushing to and through my prayers, I’m reminded to get to amen. Now to be clear, that message from God wasn’t about rushing, but slowing down, working through my thoughts, my feelings, and getting real with the Lord.

I don’t know if you, like me, can tend to rush your prayer time. If you do, remember today’s verse, and get to amen, all in the glory of God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of prayer so we can commune with each other. Forgive me the times I rush my prayer time and neglect getting to amen. Help me to find the eternal “yes” in you, and in all times, get to amen. I pray this to your glory in the name of Jesus. Amen.