by Pastor Mark Jordan


Hallelujah! You who serve God, praise GodJust to speak his name is praise! Just to remember God is a blessing—now and tomorrow and always. From east to west, from dawn to dusk, keep lifting all your praises to God!” (Psalm 113:1-3, MSG)

One of the most meaningful commandments God gives us through Scripture and personal experience is to remember. This is engaging your mental faculties to recall times when God showed up and out for you. The call to remember and give praise draws us closer to God, and others in Him, too. This is one of the reasons Jesus called the disciples to remember Him in the breaking of bread during His Last Supper. That was a call at a particular point in time, and through a specific action, to pause, remember, and give thanks.

As you read today’s passage from Psalm 113, you are called to pause, remember and give thanks for how God has been there for you. Spanning all time and distance, God’s presence and power is available for you in all things. This is truly a reason to give thanks, and I hope you do.

Memorial Day is an essential time when we must pause and remember what has been done for us.  From some, the call to remember the sacrifices of others is a generalized thing, while for others it is deeply personal. For all of us, though, the call is to remember and give thanks in the Lord who holds us together. Again, this call to remember spans all time and distance. So if you find yourself separated from loved ones, know you can pause, remember, praise God, and believe in faith that nothing can separate you from God’s love. Remember, and give thanks, indeed!

Prayer: Dear Lord, I remember and give thanks for the gift of life that you give and secure for me in Jesus. I know that the call to remember spans all time and distance, so as I pause and remember you today — as well as those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of freedom — I thank you in the name of Jesus. Amen.