God’s Help

by Mary Stout

Honestly? I have had a rough week.

As I struggle to keep my head above water, I cry at the hardship of words that don’t feel right and deeds that should have been thought about. I feel hurt, scared, confused, and defeated. Time to take a deep breath and refocus and dig deep breaths within to find the strength that is Jesus. I pray He helps me remember the blessings. Then I remember, with blessings come challenges and difficulties.

“May we be strengthened with the understanding that being blessed does not mean that we shall always be spared all the disappointments and difficulties of life.” ― Heber J. Grant

As I calm down and refocus, I think about the cross and see the women there, kneeling, crying, spent at the loss of Jesus. I look up and see His suffering, his pain, my pain, our pain.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  (John 15:13)

I see his sacrifice. I see He died for me. I see his Love. I pray for forgiveness. I ask him to help me trust in his love. I ask him to help me to extend that love to others. Even the ones who hurt me. And I ask him to help me love as if I have never been hurt. I let it go. I give God the glory because that is where it belongs. I dry my eyes and I thank God for his grace and mercy.

I feel strong again.

Prayer: Lord when I am hurt and feeling bad, help me see the cross and help me lay it down even when I don’t feel good. Help me give it to you so that I can refocus on your love and mercy. Help me let go and give you the glory for my life. In Jesus name, Amen.