acting in faith

by Jen Manning

 “All you Israelites, trust in the Lord — he is their help and shield.  House of Aaron, trust in the Lord — he is their help and shield. You who fear him, trust in the Lord — he is their help and shield.” (Psalm 115:9-11, NIV)

When we entrust ourselves to the Lord, we are acting out of faith. We are trusting in things that are unseen. Belief is faith in action. We need to trust God, actively believing that He will shield us and be our refuge (Proverbs 30:5). Again and again throughout the Bible, as in Psalm 115:9-11, God says He is our help and our shield.

The shield in the New Testament, described by Paul in Ephesians 6:16, is the shield of faith. We may not see a way forward, but when we act on the belief that God will keep us from harm, we are assured we will be safe from the enemy’s attacks. Satan can send out things meant to destroy us, but with God as our shield, they will not inflict harm. Satan’s fiery darts will be extinguished.

Remember the story of Daniel in the lion pit. God was His shield. He put angels in the pit to keep the mouths of the lions closed. The next day, Daniel was found unharmed. What was meant for evil, God used for good. King Darius, who saw that God had saved Daniel, declared that in his kingdom people must revere the God of Daniel. Before Daniel’s ordeal, King Darius’s subjects were to worship the king (Daniel 6:16-23). How many people were turned to the one true God? How about that for extinguishing the devil’s darts? God was able to use Daniel’s faith in the midst of crisis in a mighty way.

Prayer: Lord, many of your faithful servants have been protected by placing faith in what we could not achieve with our own resources or careful planning. You can do what seems impossible. You shield us from evil when we put our trust in you. Amen.