by Pastor Mark Jordan

“Pray that I might be able to make it as clear as I ought to when I preach.” (Colossians 4:5)

“Come, let’s worship and bow down! Let’s kneel before the Lord, our maker!” (Psalm 95:6, CEB)

How are things going as you look to do some small things to make a BIG DIFFERENCE? So far this week we’ve looked at how we are called to love God and others, and prayer helps get us in line with God’s will and way. I hope that you considered some small things to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your prayer life. The second step we will explore today is worship.

The verse from Colossians connects prayer and worship. Paul asked for prayer that his words would introduce people to Jesus, and lead them to salvation through the forgiveness of sins. Worship, both private and corporate, helps magnify God’s power and presence in your life. This happens in all of the elements of worship: prayer, praise in song, practiced in generous giving, and reflected upon as God’s word is proclaimed.

Let’s face it, you were made to worship. Either you will worship God, or you will worship someone or something else, be it celebrity, power, popularity, wealth, materialism, or some other thing that doesn’t deserve the prime place of honor in your heart.

You were made to worship God, but you have to begin. Make prayer and worship part of your daily discipline as you worship the One who made you for Himself. Then, make it a point to attend worship gatherings regularly, if not weekly. You need worship, and the church needs you. Make some small steps toward worship, and you’ll notice BIG DIFFERENCES.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I bow my head in worship of you. Forgive me the times I worship things that don’t deserve that place of honor in my heart. I want worship to shape my life, so I bow down before you. I pray this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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