Psalm 17

Today we read Psalm 17 in our Saturdays in the Psalm series. What strikes you? What challenges you? What comforts you? What questions do you have. Let’s read and share together! ~ Pastor Mark

Psalm 17 (CEB) | A Psalm of David

1 Listen to what’s right, Lord;

    pay attention to my cry!

Listen closely to my prayer;

    it’s spoken by lips that don’t lie!

2 My justice comes from you;

    let your eyes see what is right!

3 You have examined my heart,

    testing me at night.

You’ve looked me over closely,

    but haven’t found anything wrong.

    My mouth doesn’t sin.

4 But these other people’s deeds?

    I have avoided such violent ways

    by the command from your lips.

5 My steps are set firmly on your paths;

    my feet haven’t slipped.

6 I cry out to you because you answer me.

    So tilt your ears toward me now—

    listen to what I’m saying!

7 Manifest your faithful love in amazing ways

    because you are the one

    who saves those who take refuge in you,

    saving them from their attackers

    by your strong hand.

8 Watch me with the very pupil of your eye!

    Hide me in the protection of your wings,

9 away from the wicked

            who are out to get me,

        away from my deadly enemies

            who are all around me!

10 They have no pity;

    their mouths speak arrogantly.

11 They track me down—

    suddenly, they surround me!

    They make their plans to put me in the dirt.

12 They are like a lion eager to rip its prey;

    they are like a strong young lion lying in wait.

13 Get up, Lord!

    Confront them!

    Bring them down!

Rescue my life from the wicked—

    use your sword!

14 Rescue me from these people—

    use your own hands, Lord!

Rescue me from these people

    whose only possession is their fleeting life.

But fill the stomachs of your cherished ones;

    let their children be filled full

    so that they have leftovers enough for their babies.

15 But me? I will see your face in righteousness;

    when I awake, I will be filled full by seeing your image.

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