entertaining angels

by Jen Manning

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!” (Hebrews 13:2, NLT)

I want to thank all of you in this congregation for the huge impact you’ve made on my life. You entertained an angel, and probably didn’t know it. Through your gracious welcome and consideration for Babbette, you have helped me train her as a service dog. Her presence with me at all times is a great asset. Babbette is now able to serve me more than in-between times of being with her in my car.

For years, she provided me with prompts to take medications. She also helped me navigate quicker through negative emotions, such as agitation. I knew she provided support. I just didn’t know how much more she could do for me.

When I brought her into church, I saw that she had the ability to be in public without being a nuisance. She responded well to being around people. As my church family, all of you loved on her and petted her and made us both feel she was welcome.

Throughout the last six months, she responded well to gentle prompts from me teaching her how to behave. Mostly she learned just by being in church and around lots of different people. Now she serves me on a daily basis. I wouldn’t have seen her potential as a service dog in public without the help of so many hands and feet guiding us through the process.

Thank you for being the hands and feet of God. You all have given me a wonderful gift by helping train Babbette to be a service animal. Because of your service to Babbette and me, I am able to serve more at the church and help impact lives to change the world. Your generosity has helped me be able to put in hours on Sunday mornings, in our various missions and outreach efforts, in the office with administrative duties, and even setting up on Fridays. What might have seemed like a small gift through even simply tolerating Babette, made a major impact in my life. You entertained an angel, and became angels for us.

This is what this church does. We help others know there is a place for them. We help guide them through life. You made that possible. You made it personal. I am grateful to call you my church family. And so is Babbette. Thank you!

Let us pray: Dear God, thank you for the angels in life. Help me to be an angel for others through even the simplest means, and show others how they can be angels, too. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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