reclaiming miracles

by Pastor Mark Jordan

“Then Jesus took the loaves, gave thanks to God, and distributed them to the people. Afterward he did the same with the fish. And they all ate as much as they wanted.” (John 6:11, NLT)

This week are are recapping our “Reclaimed” message series. Yesterday we looked at reclaiming preparation and connectivity with the Lord so we can reclaim God’s vision for our lives. Today, I want us to consider how we can reclaim the power of miracles in life.

One of my favorite miracle stories is when Jesus fed the multitudes. The account in John’s Gospel (which you can read by clicking here) indicates that there were 5,000 men gathered that day. If you take into account that the men almost certainly had their families there, too, Jesus conceivably fed some 30,000 people with just a few sardines and dinner rolls made from barley. There are several interpretations for this miracle ranging from Jesus multiplying the food to helping people find satisfaction in the tiniest of morsels, but there is one that piques my fascination.

Some believe that what happened here is the little boy who brought the food to the Lord inspired everyone to share what they had. To me, this speaks volumes when we think about preparing provisions for self and family. It is likely the disciples and others gathered had food for their families that they were holding onto for their nourishment. The actions of this little boy, however — by giving everything he had — inspired everyone there to give what they had, too. In other words, this miracle was one of turning clenched fists into open hands. Totally believing Jesus had the power to multiply or satisfy with any amount of anything, teaching people to trust with what they had was perhaps a more amazing miracle. Just think about the faith it would take to get you to give your last little bit…profound, huh?!

As we thinking abut reclaiming the miracle, there are two steps I want to impress upon you:

  1. Reclaim gratitude: recognize that everything you have comes from God
  2. Reclaim generosity: God wants you to use your gifts to inspire and bless others

As you look to reclaim the miracle-working power in your life, it starts with recognizing that any power you have comes directly from God. As a result, God wants you to be generous with that power, so others can know of His mercy and grace.

Are you grateful for all God has given you?

Will you be generous with it?

I pray so.

Prayer: Dear Lord, forgive me for the times I go through life with my fists clenched, trying to hold onto everything you so freely give to me. Help me follow the examples of the generous who trust you so fully so I, too, may put my faith into action in generosity. I pray this in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.

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