let go…let’s go

By Pastor Mark Jordan

“Come on, let’s go back to God. He hurt us, but he’ll heal us. He hit us hard, but he’ll put us right again. In a couple of days we’ll feel better. By the third day he’ll have made us brand-new, alive and on our feet, fit to face him. We’re ready to study God, eager for God-knowledge. As sure as dawn breaks, so sure is his daily arrival. He comes as rain comes, as spring rain refreshing the ground.” (Hosea 6:1-3, MSG)

Today’s verse comes from the Book of Hosea in the Old Testament. Hosea is often known as a prophet of doom, but his writings point to a restoration out of destruction. Whereas his writings were directed toward Israel, there are definitely applications to our everyday lives in the here and now.

I am struck by how Hosea wrote that God hurts us, but heals us. Knowing how the story ends, I’m not so sure that God hurts people, inflicting harm, but there are times when we hurt, no doubt. In those times, it can be hard to trust anyone, let alone God. We move into a posture of self-protection, closing off self in hopes of preventing future wounding. Something I’ve learned personally (and painfully, admittedly), is that the more we close off ourselves from others, the more we hold on to the pain.

CS Lewis once wrote that “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” That can be hard, can’t it? You might be hesitant to let go, but you must in other to move forward. You must.

So how does that strike you? Are you holding on to any hurts? Are you harboring any resentments? Against anybody? Against God? If so, follow Hosea’s advice and let’s go…back to God. Hosea’s prophecy of three days points to the hope of resurrection, which is available to you right now to make you alive, fit, and on your feet. So let go, and let’s go to God. It will change your life!

Prayer: Almighty God, I come to you acknowledging my hurts, and how hard it can be to let go of them, thinking I’m protecting myself. I want to feel alive, fit, and on my feet again, and I choose to go to you for help. So help me, please. I ask this in Jesus’ name, praying for His resurrection power to be made real in my life right now. Amen.

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