On Meditation

By Mary Stout

“Help me understand the meaning of your commandments, and I will meditate on your wonderful deeds” (Psalm 119:27).

John Wesley wrote, “True meditation is no other than faith, hope, love, joy, melted down together, as it were, by the fire of God’s Holy Spirit; and offered up to God in secret.

He that is wholly in these, will be little in worldly company, in other studies, in collecting books, medals, or butterflies: wherein many pastors drone away so considerable a part of their lives.”

Meditation made John Wesley’s list of necessary disciplines. He understood the value of quieting the mind. Many Christians are skeptical of it because it is used in Eastern religions. While people think someone sitting and saying, “ohm,” is what describes meditation, perhaps looking past that stereotype and digging deeper, we can understand it better.

It has been my experience that meditation is not merely the emptying of the mind to let in anything; rather, it quiets down the noisy chatter of life. It clarifies the mind and helps you see clearly the things of God. Meditation accesses the connection of God within you. As you allow the flow of God’s love within you, a quiet transformation begins. Meditation helps lower blood pressure, increases your intuition, opens your mind to the wisdom of the Word, improves your outlook on life, reduces anxiety, and strengthens your relationship with the Lord.

“Think about the Lord’s decrees, and meditate constantly on his commandments. He will make your heart steadfast and will grant your desire for wisdom” (Sirach 6:37).

Prayer: Father, help me to meditate and give you more time in my day. Let the busy part of me remember to keep you first in my mind. Thank you for the wisdom of your word and for loving me into a better Christian so that I may go show others Jesus. In his name we pray, amen.

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