“Which will you choose?”

by Doug Markle of Beloved Lord Ministries

“For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” (Romans 7:15)

In the movie, “The Matrix,” Neo comes to realize he is part of a neural simulation where an artificial intelligent super computer is keeping mankind in a simulated reality.  At one point, he has a choice, red pill or blue pill, to choose whether he will continue to live in the simulated reality or exit to his real situation and break free from the controlling matrix.

We are in the same situation when it comes to our reality and our flesh.  When we were redeemed, our flesh fights to keep us in our old patterns and not let us see the freedom that awaits.  We have the pull within us drawing us to the freedom, but the image before our eyes seems unchangeable.

We have to make a choice to step away from following our flesh and follow the direction of the Holy Spirit living in us.  We have to realize that we are NOT our flesh.  It is separate and will only exist for a finite amount of time.  It is part of the fallen world and will do everything it can to sustain its desires.  When we were redeemed, we are no longer a slave to that flesh and now have the freedom to walk in victory if we choose.

To steal a little creative license from the movie, imagine Jesus standing in front of you today holding a red pill and a blue pill.  He looks at you and says, “Today I place before you life and death.  Which will you choose?”

Prayer: Father God, show me where I am living in the false world of listening to my flesh and teach me to recognize it from the freedom that you offer when I live by the Spirit.

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