God Spilled the Milk!

By Shanna Latimer


All week I planned how I was going on this day at this time to give my Random Act of Kindness gift to a stranger at a particular location.

I left work and was on the low fuel yellow light.  I knew I had two more trips through town before filling up.  Then I didn’t have the $5 bill.  Then my son spilled his milk on his shirt on the way to school.  That extra trip through town made my yellow light brighter.  At this point, the only the thing in my plan still original was the location and stranger.

As I pulled in to the station, I picked the island I wanted, but drove to the last one instead.  Now the only thing still in my original plan was the stranger;  I didn’t even have a $5 bill.  Nonetheless, I get my TATW dollar, my $10 bill, and my introduction together.  I get out of the car and the stranger is getting in their’s.  NO!  I had to act fast or even the stranger was going to be kaput.  So I walk over and say, “My church is doing a random act of kindness, and this is to help you with your gas today.”  He tells me a touching story about where he is in his life right now.  I look over at his pump and see he only had put in $10.  Wow!

I would have missed him by 4 hours if the milk had not been spilled.  God is great!

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for the times you spill the milk to put me in the right place at the right time. Help me to be aware for the ways and places you are using me to serve. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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