On Things Above

By Mary Stout

The LORD is my strength and my shield. My heart trusts him. I was helped, my heart rejoiced, and I thank him with my song. (Psalms 28:7 CEB)
Miracles happen everyday. Most days we are too busy to notice them. Recently, I was organizing everything I needed to start my new job. Paperwork was done and all the tech I needed was in place. There was just one more package to wait on before starting. I received an email stating it was delivered. I called home to see and no one could find it. I thought ok a glitch…let’s do what I can to find the package before I panic. I prayed over the situation and got a few others to pray. Within an hour, it was found and I thanked God for his answer to prayer so quickly. 
In the past I would have reacted to this with freaking out, fretting and worked myself up into anxiety. The miracle I found in this instance was my response.
I fully trusted God and knew if I kept my eyes fixed on him, everything would be fine. It seems simple enough to trust the Lord, doesn’t it? To be honest, many times I fail and let situations get in the way. It’s becoming very clear to me when I don’t fix my eyes on Jesus and allow things or situations to cloud my heart, God can’t work as well in me.
Fix your eyes on things above. It works. 
Prayer: Lord help us remember to fix our eyes on you as we walk. Help us recognize those times when we fail so we can respond like Jesus next time. Thank you for loving us and bring us through. In Jesus name, Amen

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