Where Do I Fit In?

By Terri Cox

I Corinthians 12:27 Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

When I was a little girl, I attended Rose Hill Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia.  The original building was a beautiful brick structure with arched windows.  Inside, the sanctuary was constructed of rich wooden paneling.  Several beautiful stained-glass windows adorned its walls.  We attended every week. My grandfather, R.R. Miles, was a deacon in the church.  He was a tall and lanky fellow with extremely long legs.  This church did not have regular pew benches as most churches of the time, but auditorium style seating with wooden seats that would fold down.  The seats had a stabilizing bar between the back legs of the seat, prohibiting the person on the row behind from stretching their legs underneath the seat.  I would sit with my mom and dad and sister on my grandfather’s row.  Granddaddy would sit in the aisle seat, then Grandmother, and then other family members. We knew it was his row because that bar had been removed from the seat in front of my grandfather’s place.  It was the only seat in the entire church where that bar was missing. He was free to comfortably stretch out his legs underneath the seat.   Every week when I proudly marched down the aisle to my grandfather’s row, I felt like a little princess, thinking that my family was the most important one since we had a reserved spot, specially designed for my family.

That was my childlike thinking.  That the church had specially designed a place just for me.  But I was not wrong.  You see, God has designed a special place for you as well.  A special place in His house, in His family that is meant just for you.  And He made you just for that place.  There are plans just for you, blessings just for you, and work that He means for you to do.  There is a family of other believers who are meant to be your family and people whom you are meant to serve as a brother or sister.  No one else can do the work that God has for you in just the way that you can do it.  Whether it is a job that is quite noticeable, such as a minister or choir member, or a quiet ministry such as prayer warrior or encourager, you are the one who can do it best.

Today, I encourage you to find your row in God’s house.  The one that God has reserved just for you.  If you pray, the Holy Spirit will usher you to your very special row, where you can feel loved and included and useful in His service.

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