Key to My House

by Cindy Schwartz

My husband and I had just finished preparing our will. We wanted to make sure things were in order so that in the event something happened to us, our loved ones would not have to go through a legal battle to get the things we had intended for them to have.
My mind began to wander and I considered a scenario where everyone in our will died with us… what if The Rapture came? I continued that thought process and wandered who I would want to live in my house, to enjoy my earthly treasures, and to have necessities they might not have in those times of trials and tribulations. I thought I might need to tell them where we hide our house key so they will be able to get inside.

Then I considered who those people might be. I was trying to think about who might not be ready when the second coming of Christ happens. It made me very sad for them. Then I realized that whoever those people are- those are not the who need a key to my house, they are the people who need a key to heaven! Those are the people God laid on my heart to tell his story to.

Who is on your list?

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