The answer is God

Today’s Daily Water is shared by my pastor friend Ricky Bybee.

A very dear friend wrote this post this morning and it struck me between the eyes,…. thank you Mrs. Judy Bailey

“Scrolling through Facebook this morning, I was struck by the alarming information. I gave up trusting Facebook posts quite some time ago. I don’t forward videos that I get on Messenger. I’m careful about what I post.

But this morning, the varying information hit me. You have Britain saying they will remain in social distancing for the rest of the year. Germany has made it mandatory to wear a mask outside your home. Georgia is opening up some businesses. Florida is thinking of opening some businesses after opening beaches with limitations. Some are saying the curve is flattened. Others are saying it isn’t. And still, others are saying the virus will be with us for another year or maybe more reappearing at different periods.

Who do we believe? What do we do? Yes, the economy is taking a huge hit and may cause a major recession not only in our country but in the world. Yes, finding food and supplies may become a problem. People may continue to die from the virus for who knows how long.

Yes, this is a wakeup call for us as a nation. Yes, we need to change our ways and that probably will become our norm. We have famous people telling us how to resolve this pandemic. We have politicians using the pandemic for their own gain.

And yet we are expected to believe all this “information.” Just read it all and try to make an educated decision!

The only way I can see that we, especially me, can get through this mess is to believe in God. I gave my worries to him and I live each day with peace. I can’t change what is happening, He can. I can do what I can to protect myself, but He will decide whether to keep me safe or not. Because I have faith, I don’t have a problem with that.

It breaks my heart to see my friends and family, my nation, my world being thrown into turmoil. But I also know that the turmoil is due to what we as a people have done. It’s up to you to believe in Him. I’m not preaching. I’m just saying with the information we are given, we have to believe in God.”

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